The advantages of artificial grass vs. natural grass


There are many reasons why more and more households are betting on artificial grass in their garden. Even sport centers prefer to put this type of lawn instead of growing natural grass. We have listed the most important reasons below:

1. The appearance


The appearance of artificial grass has become very attractive. It no longer looks fake and it is every bit as appealing as natural grass. More and more, artificial lawns are difficult to distinguish from natural ones. And they have one very important advantage in comparison with natural grass: artificial grass remains in perfect condition throughout the year.

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2. Maintenance


You might already know that the maintenance of natural grass can take some effort and time. It requires at least a little knowledge about gardening and expensive machinery that allow you to maintain a lawn in perfect condition. When we speak for example of natural grass for sports, there is even more time and effort necessary to obtain a good result. The risks of it not being effective afterwards are very high.


3. The drainage capacity


The drainage capacity consists of the degree of resistance of your lawn towards weather conditions. For example, if it rains or snows, artificial turf has a good capacity of endurance and does not become waterlogged or damaged. It does not lose color as a result of excessive sunlight, thanks to the use of special UV stabilizers.


4. Easy to install


You can install artificial grass almost anywhere you want and on any type of surface: concrete, tile, cement, etc. Artificial turf is ideal to place around a pool, in a cafeteria or outdoor bar or even at children’s playgrounds. Immediately after installation, it shows perfect results. Discover here why you should ask a professional installer to place your artificial grass!


5. It is very economical


We must also take into account that artificial grass is much less expensive than natural grass on the long term. Natural grass requires more maintenance, expensive equipment and a lot of water to maintain it, while these requirements are not necessary for artificial grass.


Are you already enjoying the perks of artificial grass?


Post time: Jul-29-2021

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