Knowledge of the artificial grass specifications about the backing


The backing is one of the most important parts to test the quality of artificial grass. Qualified backing guarantees longer lifetime of the grass. Weaker backing will be easily broken under rainy days, and the yarns knitted on it will be fall off too.

Today, we are going to share something about the backing.

The backing according to different use normally including 3 types: PP+ non-woven cloth+net, PP+PP, PP+net. For football grass, MTGrass uses PP+ non-woven cloth+net, to ensure the higher tensile strength.

Coating and backing together are becoming the base of artificial grass, they are critical for the grass’quality. The coating normally are SBR latex, PU

SBR latex coating can be combined with several backings, including PP+non-woven cloth, PP+net, and PP+non-woven cloth+net. These combinations are common and durable.

PU coating is more durable and environmental friendly, most importantly, it can make the tensile strength of the grass more higher.

Post time: Apr-14-2022

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