Clean Paws Every Day. Best Grass For Dogs To Play!

Dogs love to play in the dirt, and as much as we love them, we have a different attitude towards cleanliness. Dogs mark their territory. Rolling up in mud is their way to show you what they’ve been up to. For humans, living in an organized environment helps to stay in shape and be more active and healthy. Can you mitigate the differences?


The most mess from pets comes from outdoor. It doesn’t matter where you live, in sunny, dry Los Angeles, or Georgia monsoons, your pets always find a way to bring in debris and mud. The one sure method to prevent this from happening is to make sure your yard is clean. How?

Thanks to the latest technology, we have artificial grass. It has quite of bit of benefits for homeowners in general, but for the pets and pets owners is the only way to make the best of companionships. Artificial grass drains much faster than natural. There are no lingering water puddles after rain, no mud or dirt to be tracked indoors. You don’t need to water, mow or fertilize it. By the way, bugs, ticks, and flees don’t feel welcomed with synthetic turf. There is no mold or mildew, that can trigger allergies in both, humans and pets. There’s no toxic chemicals, sprays, weed-killers or fertilizers.

Eliminating messy outdoors isn’t the only reason to choose Global Syn-Turf synthetic grass. We offer the highest quality products and expert installation services to keep you and your family happy and in good shape. With 15-year GST warranty, your bug- and dirt-free lawn can last up to 25 years. Twenty-five years of no mowing, trimming, watering and fertilizing! The sooner you talk to use, the closer you’ll be to your new amazing lawn!

Post time: Apr-24-2022

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