Artificial turf – description, characteristics, how to lay

A beautiful green lawn is combined with a neat patio and planted plants. However, such a lawn is subject to temperature changes, it is not resistant to wear and tear, and is damaged by insects and animals. Having laid an artificial turf, you can not be afraid of frost, locust or car wheel marks. Moreover, the artificial turf requires virtually no maintenance.


Scope of application of artificial grass in the country
Of course, the best decoration of the site will be a natural lawn with uniform green grass. But it is not always possible to grow it, and the reasons for failure are different – unsuitable soil, too shaded a place or the rapid trampling of a certain zone. Artificial turf is a good solution, which in appearance, rigidity and comfort corresponds to a living lawn. In what situations is it better than natural?

If the soil is not suitable for growing live grass. After several unsuccessful attempts to grow a beautiful green carpet, you will still come to the conclusion to buy artificial turf.
If the area with grass is quickly trampled. This is especially true for sports and playgrounds, areas near the pool, exercise equipment, artificial reservoirs, recreation areas. The emerging bald spots spoil the whole view of the neatly arranged area, introducing untidiness into it.
If the grass does not want to grow due to lack of sunlight. In almost every area there is a dark and damp nook, where not a single green blade of grass appears on the surface. In the case when such a nook is part of landscape design, even an ardent adherent of everything natural in the exterior will do anything to preserve the integrity of the composition. Decorative artificial grass is matched in color and density to the natural vegetation of the area, so that the difference is not noticeable.


Plastic grass is an imitation of a natural lawn covering, made of polyethylene and a rubber base. The production of such flooring is widespread throughout China; inexpensive products from JYDGRASS are in great demand. Lawn decking can be found in outdoor golf courses, swimming pools and sports areas. Some types of carpet have drainage systems to drain water, so that during irrigation, residual moisture will not accumulate on the surface.

Lawn covering
Artificial grass is used to ensure the maximum level of comfort while practicing various sports. This invention greatly simplified the maintenance process of modern football fields and tennis courts, which allowed players to fully concentrate on the game. At low temperatures, the service life of a plastic lawn will reach fifteen years, but such wear resistance is extremely rare. Monofilament products are not very durable, which makes it necessary to replace them every 5-7 years.

Coating Grass Roll
Unlike backfill, the quality of which in most cases leaves much to be desired, applications with a high density of pile are much more often used in construction and landscaping. Artificial turf in rolls has several important advantages that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Buying plastic lawns at a low price will soon disappoint you with the lack of proper strength properties in high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase only high quality goods from trusted stores.


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Artificial Grass Carpet
Sale of plastic flooring is carried out not only for country estates and outdoor terraces, delivery to private houses or sports complexes is no less successful. The use of lawns as a decorative element of rooms is widespread in interior design. Even a complex project can be realized with the help of plants and figures of different shapes, and green carpets are a logical completion of the work done. Products adapted for office premises are produced, since natural elements have a beneficial effect on human well-being.

Herb for decoration
In the process of decorating a garden, you often come across complex areas that require the use of universal, unpretentious materials. In such cases, the plastic coating is an indispensable attribute of landscape work, since the further implementation of the project without the use of alternative devices is impossible. Lawn grasses are laid out or polyethylene plants are planted in places that are difficult to access for processing. High-quality products to the touch are much softer than cheap counterparts, however, the cost of such a coating is also more expensive.

A little about the technology of manufacturing artificial turf
A synthetic grass covering is obtained from polymers and plastics. The production process takes place in specially equipped premises. In the first step, the grass stems are extruded from the extruders, which are then attached to a flexible latex-coated base. The manufacturer offers products in various colors, and, nevertheless, more often the usual green coating prevails in the garden.


for playgrounds

IN THE PHOTO: Children’s artificial turf (under a swing or around a sandbox) in “grassy” colors looks fresh and bright.

On the other hand, artificial football turf or golf course cover can be decorated in white, blue or other shades. It is also practiced to lay an artificial turf in two colors, with which you can delimit zones on a spacious area.

Post time: Aug-23-2021

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