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Artificial turf used to seem like a luxury item to us, because it is used as the main covering for major sporting events and is shown in movies in the villas of wealthy people. But now the world is changing, and almost everyone can afford a beautiful green lawn, which will delight the eye all year round, even at home, at least in the country.
Types of artificial turf
In total, there are three types of artificial turf: non-backfill, semi-backfill and backfill.
Such grass will be the most beautiful decoration for any surface, it serves rather as a more decorative option and at the same time is suitable for many areas:
• various home spaces, for example, flooring on the balcony, in the nursery;
• space next to the private pool, private playground, lawn;
• house territories;

Product Detail

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Brand Name JYD
Product name  Artificial Grass China Suppliers
Life cycle more 5 years
Certificate LABOSPORTS , DIN CE, ISO9001, SGS report, BV, ITS
Application area Landscaping, outdoor& gardens, swimming pool, ect.
Customization service Yes
Color Army green, Bright-yellow green or bright green , other colors available
Material PE+PP monofilament
Dtex 6000-14000
Weight/m 1.89-2.95kg/sqm
Gauge 3/8′
Stitch rate 12stitches-20stitches / 10cm (12.5-30stitches /10cm available)
Density 14700tufts-33600/square meter
Pile height 20mm, 25mm , 30mm, 35mm, 40mm,45mm (20mm-65mm available)
Material PP cloth+ non-woven, others ( PP cloth ,PP cloth +grid, PP cloth +non-woven +grid)
Glue use SBR-latex






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