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Artificial turf is a chemical product with natural turf sports performance. Its turf-like synthetic fiber is embedded in a woven base cloth and coated with a fixed coating on the back. Real artificial grass is mainly made of polypropylene. It can also be used with polyvinyl chloride and polyamide. The leaves are painted with grass green and need to add UV absorbers.

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When the use intensity is too high and the growth conditions are extremely unfavorable, natural lawns are not easy to grow and are not suitable for turf construction. Artificial turf is a good choice. The main advantages of artificial turf over natural turf are: it breaks the climatic restrictions of natural turf; the maintenance cost is lower. In some countries and regions, artificial turf can be selected for economic reasons. Some indoor venues cannot be planted, and artificial turf can be selected. In addition, artificial turf can be used with high frequency and high intensity, and has better advantages than natural turf in terms of construction methods, maintenance and application effects. Therefore, with the advancement of technology, artificial turf will have more advantages in the future. The room for development is getting bigger and bigger.

The following is a brief overview of the application and development direction of artificial turf in the landscape:

1.Promotion and application of sports venues

With the advancement of technology, artificial turf is now closer to natural turf in a variety of sports indicators, and even more advantageous than natural turf. Production technology has been continuously developed and improved. The new artificial turf can effectively reduce sprains and skin scratches, other characteristics are safer than natural turf, and the surface coating and raw materials have been improved. The main application now is perforated monofilament filaments, which have excellent sports indicators, such as shock absorption and rebound. In addition, the artificial turf is not restricted by rain, and the surface drainage is good, which will not delay the progress of certain large-scale sports competitions.

2.In cold, drought and other areas not suitable for large-scale natural lawn planting

The cold climate in the north leads to desolate winters. It can be very exciting to be green. In some places, it can be appropriately matched with the artificial turf landscape. With the development of artificial turf technology, imitation grass will become a reality. Achieve the same visual effect as natural grass. For example, on some roads, in addition to the extremely cold-resistant echinacea, artificial turf can also be used as a new greening option, which plays an important role in alleviating driver fatigue and improving driving safety.

3.Promote and apply private courtyards and natural planting areas.

At present, more and more artificial lawns are used for the beautification of private courtyards. Some families have accepted their simple management and maintenance methods. Compared with natural lawns, they are beautiful, suitable, clean, relatively economical, and can provide a more comfortable environment. Of course, the site is inferior to natural lawns in terms of ecological effects and certain natural characteristics, but it is still in the scope of selection and use.

4.The artificial turf can be combined with natural turf to be used in mountain greening

Artificial grass is implanted in the natural turf system to reinforce the natural grass, and the artificial grass is filled with materials that help plant natural grass. These two construction methods have been extensively studied abroad and have mature market applications. It is undeniable that this will be an important development direction for artificial turf in the future, especially for mountain greening and barren slope greening. The use of this technology will make the hilly slopes that are urgently needed to improve the ecological environment green in a short time.

In short, artificial turf plays a very important role in the landscape. With it, “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains” is no longer a dream!

Lawns for croquettes

For croquet, the turf must be thin-leaved, strong and very hard. By its quality, it should approach the most thin-leaved golf meadows. The care for lawn is basically the same as on golf lawns. However, it should be borne in mind that in the winter time games are not conducted on it. Therefore, in the winter in England they make piercing of the sod, harrowing and carry out work to restore the turf cover. Unlike golf puddles, there is no undulating surface, which eliminates a number of difficulties associated with the conduct of haircuts, surface earthenware Artificial Lawn for Croquetry and watering.JMQP1633 (3)1100.jpg

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