Artificial turf for landscape

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Polyethylene, the main component of artificial grass, is a non-biodegradable material. After 8 to 10 years of aging and elimination, tons of high polymer waste have been formed. In foreign countries, it is generally recycled and decomposed by professional companies to realize resource recycling. In China, it can be used as the basic filler for road administration projects. When the site is changed to other uses, the base layer of asphalt and concrete needs to be removed.

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Artificial grass has the advantages of bright appearance, four seasons green, vivid, good drainage performance, long life, low maintenance cost, etc.

The requirements of the artificial grass sports system for the foundation quality are mainly concentrated in three aspects: hardness, flatness and drainage slope.

Commonly used artificial grass foundations include asphalt foundation, cement foundation, and gravel foundation. Which type is used is mainly determined by the local climate environment, budget and time. Asphalt foundation is especially suitable for the climate environment with large temperature difference in the north and low temperature in winter. At the same time, the cost is high, and it is not the most suitable basic type for warm and humid environments. The gravel foundation is simple in construction, low in cost, and fast in drainage. It is more common in the south. However, the rigidity and stability are poor, and the foundation will become loose after long-term use. Shuanghe Sports will briefly introduce the artificial grass cement concrete foundation based on its rich experience in artificial grass system.

1.High requirements for the flatness of the foundation surface, to ensure that the thickness of the artificial grass surface layer is consistent and the elasticity is uniform. The pass rate of flatness is above 95%, the error of a 5-meter ruler is 3mm, the slope: horizontal 8‰, longitudinal 5‰, semicircular area 5‰, the surface is flat and smooth, and drainage is guaranteed.

2.The foundation should have certain strength and stability.

3.The surface is uniform and firm, no cracks, no decay, pitted edges, smooth joints, it is best to cut a block of about 6000mm×6000mm.

4.The cushion is firm, the density is more than 95%, there is no obvious wheel mark after the medium-sized roller compactor, no loose soil, waves, etc.

5.The cement foundation needs a water-proof layer, and the water-proof layer adopts a new PVC thick water-proof film. The junction should be more than 300mm, and the margin should be more than 150mm.

6.Need to consider leaving expansion joints with a width of 5 mm.

7.The basic maintenance period is 2-3 weeks.

Artificial turf for landscape

Artificial landscape lawn is usually applied as a yard artificial turf . They are widely used in children play areas/yard carpet/ balcony/ hotels/ restaurants.

Artificial grass of today looks similarity to natural grass! An artificial lawn is a safe investment for years. Besides this, it has many benefits,including envionmental protection material/soft hand feeling/ wonderfully elastic/anti-UV with good color retention and easy to clean and widely used in both indoor and outdoor.

In landscape artificial coatings may be used some types of lawns, which differ both in its structure and price. For example, 100% imitating natural lawn (Nezasypnoj or POLUZASYPNOJ) will cost more than sports, depth 40-60 mm (charging) with the use of sand.

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