Artificial lawn for mini-footbal areas of children or pets

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The development of artificial grass has a history of more than 40 years, and it originally originated in the United States. At that time, the natural grass under the ceiling could not grow. In order to solve this problem, artificial grass was used. Since then, artificial grass has spread from the United States to the world, forming a market segmentation of American grass, European grass, Australian grass, and Asian grass. American grass has a long history, advanced materials and technology, with a stronger market competitiveness. Artificial grass has great advantages. It is anti-aging, sun-proof, waterproof, non-slip, wearproof, comfortable to the feet, bright in color, and has a long life span. It does not require a lot of investment in maintenance costs and can be used all-weather.

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Specifically including:
1.It has good elasticity and enough cushioning force
2.Breathable and permeable
3.Significantly reduce maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water-saving requirements.
4.Comply with environmental protection requirements, the lawn layer can be recycled and reused.
5.Increase the sports area, reduce the noise of the playground, have the effect of shock absorption and decompression, and meet the requirements of open education.
6.Filled with silver-white quartz sand and colored sand, students will not stain their clothes and the environment when they exercise. All markings in the playground are directly woven, so there is no need to worry about frequent markings.
7.Economical and practical, one-time investment can guarantee a life span of more than 7 years, and there is almost no follow-up repair cost.
8.Construction and installation period is short, quick effect.

Artificial grass overcomes several major difficulties of natural grass: One is that they can’t grow under extreme climatic conditions; Second, some countries and regions cannot pay high maintenance costs due to economic reasons; Third, it cannot be planted in stadiums with ceilings. In addition, artificial grass has the characteristics of high frequency of use, simple paving, simple maintenance and fast drainage. These advantages make artificial grass have a broad space for development, and have a tendency to replace natural grass! According to statistics, every year there are 600 standard artificial grass in the United States, 150 in Germany, 150 in Japan, 100 in the UK, and 500 in China.

Artificial lawn for mini-footbal areasArtificial grass works well for both large and small gardens, balconies, roof terraces and even indoors! Also commercially within nurseries, schools and play areas.The JYD artificial lawn is fully porous and has drainage holes constantly throughtout to ensure water passes through just like real grass. A fresh green lawn invites you to relax and enjoy the moment, and is a pleasant haven where children and pets can saftly play.


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