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Among the recreational artificial grass, the most important branch is the kindergarten artificial grass. As for recreational artificial grass in kindergartens, we are actually paying attention to it as a main branch of artificial grass and recreational grass. In this regard, most of the discussion about young grass is also combining it with straight and curved silk. Therefore, for the artificial grass in the kindergarten leisure artificial grass, to a certain extent, it is necessary to emphasize that it will be superior in terms of safety, environmental protection, high quality, and its protective functions. In fact, we will notice that its appearance will be more beautiful and more suitable for indoor and outdoor layouts.

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The application range of artificial grass as greening will also appear to be very wide. From this perspective, we will actually notice that it is also used in roads, communities or gardens. It will also be used to a large extent in roof greening. It will be used in office buildings, shopping malls or amusement parks, from this point of view, it will also be used in indoor and outdoor wall greening.

In terms of density of green artificial grass, it has high tactile comfort, and the color should be kept natural. More importantly, in terms of its appearance, it is also very similar to real grass. From this aspect, we will actually notice that it can achieve the effect of fake and real, and the degree of beautification and greening will be better.

In the end, when it comes to artificial grass carpets, they are softer to the touch, more resilient, safe and environmentally friendly, and have the advantages of bright colors, and it will be more diverse in color. The artificial grass carpets we use now do not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, and have antibacterial agents added to them to play a flame retardant effect, so they can be used in many occasions.

Artificial lawn for landscape 20mm

Artificial landscape lawn is usually applied as a yard artificial turf . They are widely used in courtyards, amusement parks and paths for landscaping.


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