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Controlling environmental pollution and improving people’s quality of life is a major event that benefits the country and the people. Known for being the most prone to dust pollution on construction sites, the construction site fence adopts simulated fence and artificial grass culture wall to have great advantages. It can not only beautify the urban environment, but also play a role in environmental protection such as dust suppression and sound absorption, effectively improve the level of civilized construction management on construction sites, and promote the control of construction dust pollution.

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Artificial grass is a grass with short grass as the base material, through artificial planting or artificial maintenance and management, to play a green and beautifying function, is one of the signs of the civilization of a country and a city, it is an important part of the garden landscape and a place for leisure and entertainment activities. With the development of the times, modern lawns are no longer limited to gardens, but are widely used in sports fields, buildings, railways, highways, airports, factories and other places. In a broad sense, artificial lawn is a green body of a certain area built by people with turf, representing a high-level ecological organism.

Relevant policies indicate that the installation of artificial fences can effectively reduce environmental pollution. Artificial grass is used as a decorative surface for artificial fences. The adhesive of artificial grass should be firmly attached to the fence. The requirements for green fence facilities must be closed. Hard fence, the fence setting should be firm and stable, neat and beautiful. The artificial grass can be used for enclosure mainly has the difference of height, density, appearance, etc., the site enclosure artificial lawn is generally 10mm high, 15mm high, 20mm high, 25mm high, the specific practice is to cover the concrete wall or plate with green artificial lawn.

The quality of artificial grass is better than that of spray painted turf. Due to the thickness of the reason, generally use artificial grass to do the baffle three-dimensional effect is better. The baffle of the artificial grass must be durable and there will be no problems in 5-6 years. Artificial grass does not require post-maintenance, let alone maintenance by a dedicated person, and can benefit for a long time with one investment. Therefore, artificial grass enclosures are becoming more and more popular with construction units and construction units. In general, artificial grass is more cost-effective.

Artificial lawn for landscape 20mm

We offers different qualities grasses that have especially been designed for landscaping and other private uses such as hotels/ restaurants/ balcony/ pets play areas/ children play areas/ yard carpet.

Artificial grass of today looks similarity to natural grass! An artificial lawn is a safe investment for years. Besides this, it has many benefits,including envionmental protection material/soft hand feeling/ wonderfully elastic/anti-UV with good color retention and easy to clean and widely used in both indoor and outdoor.

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